CAL Custom Building Services has over 41 years of development expertise and was involved in the construction of over 100 residential subdivisions along with multiple commercial and multi-family sites.

Be it a simple lot split, a challenging site topographically, or a large mixed use development, CALCBS can assist you.

Improvement Permitting Process

CALCBS works hand-in-hand with Civil Engineers and Design Development professionals to ensure a smooth, efficient permitting process. Our working relationships with most municipalities, coupled with our expertise, create the fast, roadblock-free path necessary to maneuver through the process to ensure our clients' permits are processed as efficiently as possible.

Grading Permits

Any alteration of the site requiring moving more than 50 yards of soil

Encroachment Permits
FLP Mapcc.jpg

Extension of or connection to existing facilities

(sewer, water, storm, streets) triggers the need for an Encroachment permit and the knowledge and experience to know which departments to work with to secure them.


Army Corp of Engineers permits required when working in proximity of navigable waterways.  This includes seasonal creeks and drainage channels.


Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans/National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System. Oversight for preparation of plans by a Registered Civil Engineer’s and other required professionals, processing permits thru the appropriate and required governing agencies and recommendations for proper installation and monitoring of required measures.