Custom/New Home Building

From the simplest to the most complex locations within Marin, Napa and Sonoma Counties, CALCBS uses its years of experience and expertise to work with our clients and their design professionals to help them build their dream home.

The Site

Nothing is more important to the success of your home than its site and sense of place.  We assist in the selection of you home site where the environment offers the greatest potential and possibilities.  We look for locations that contribute the natural amenities (Sun, view and landscape) in the most unique and satisfying manner.  We never make the home site conform to the house plans; we make every resource of the home site available to the plan.

The Right Fit

Pairing the Home with the land, We believe your home and land should reside in harmonious integration.  We consult with you and your design professionals to insure the size, shape and style of your home fit the home site as perfectly as possible.  This includes orienting your home to provide you with the most dramatic and rewarding benefits of the land, and natural surroundings for views and privacy.  It's a marriage of site and structure, form and function, logic and content.

The Plan

Designed around you, We offer unique, personal, inspired insight on your home plans working hand and hand with designer professionals.  Our input on your plans include a recognition around your life stage, custom made to match your distinct and different needs, wants and requirements at this point in your life.  You end up with a plan that combines beauty, aesthetics and refinement with livability, flexibility and functionality.  the result is a home of uncommon grace, style and conveniences.

The Architecture

Designed for Harmony, our homes reflect the highest standards of architectural integrity and authenticity because we have years of experience working with discerning architects who have an eye for the genuine.  We encourage design professionals to work with the most contemporary materials and methods to create designs that celebrate a variety of styles and influences.  And while there is a diverse mix of designs within a
CALCBS product, each is considered and appropriate, respectful of its architectural heritage and its proximity to adjacent designs.

The Interior

Designed to inspire, CALCBS experience working with innovative interior designers insures your desires become our dictates.  Be it cabinets or counter tops, appliances or light fixtures, flooring or plumbing fixtures, custom colors or tile, we accommodate your requests.  All will be carefully assessed designs created with recommendations made by you.  Our goal is to make your home as personal, beautiful and enjoyable as possible, to provide you with a home interior that reflects your style and sensibility.

The Details: Fit and Finish

Everyone who works on the CALCBS team is a carefully screened, established expert who must meet our exacting requirements of professionalism, timeliness and attention to detail.  We recommend details that insure privacy and quiet, like adding interior insulation and installing solid core doors as standard in master suites, laundry rooms and guest baths.  We design and utilize state-of-the-art sealing systems to prevent moisture intrusion.  We also take the time to install surface and subsurface drainage systems and moisture barriers in the enclosed foundation crawl spaces.  From flooring to roofing materials, hardware to lighting, superior quality and precision craftsmanship are our standards.

Hillside Construction Expertise

Today, many custom homes are being built in rugged and challenging terrain.  Foundation and drainage issues, retaining walls and the cut of the driveway place engineering and architectural demands unique to each site.  CACBS's experience meeting these challenges makes sure the natural grade of your property is taken advantage, maximizing the site's amenities to make the most of your land for your home, and your outdoor living spaces.

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