Field Professionals


"I have worked with Craig for nearly 20 years. Being a civil engineer and land surveyor, it is very helpful when your client understands and respects the types of services they are receiving. Craig has always respected and valued my input while I have always respected his involvement and viewpoints on the many projects we have successfully worked on. Craig has good leadership skills and is always reliable when it comes time for your project. He is very knowledgeable, open-minded, and creative while staying focused on the tasks at hand. He is extremely effective at analyzing the potential outcome of projects very early in the process and generally assures a successful outcome. I would gladly recommend Craig Lawson and CAL Custom Building Services to anyone considering planning a new home, retrofitting an existing one, or contemplating a land development project."


"In my many years of working with Craig, I have found him to be one of the best in the business at organizing and strategizing a project. His attention to detail and ability to maintain projects on schedule and budget help us do our job better and make us all successful. I also appreciate the worth Craig puts on the “team approach”, valuing the contributions of each of the disciplines and especially us as architects.”

- Kevin Farrell, Farrell Faber and Associates, Inc.

"I have worked with Craig Lawson of CAL Custom Building Services. for over 2 years on a number of custom built homes and residential remodel jobs. Craig, his crew, and the subcontractors he works with have consistently given my clients quality workmanship and open communications with regards to scheduling and cost analysis. I would encourage any of my clients to use the services of CAL Custom Building Services."

-Paul Harris, Paul Harris Architect

"Craig Lawson is very thorough and pays close attention to details. For us, we like the feedback we get. Craig goes the extra mile on the structural part. He stands out because he doesn’t want to cut any corners.

- Kelly Johnson, Johnson, DeBois & Forrest Engineering

"I was honored when asked to prepare a letter of recommendation for Craig Lawson. I have known Craig for 10 years and have completed over a dozen home projects with him. As an Architect, it is very important to establish relationships with contractors you can trust to be conscience of the proper execution of the details that can become problems later. Craig's consistent attention to such matters has proven itself to be valuable. I have never had a call from anyone about a latent defect from a house that Craig built. Craig appreciates the role of the Architect during the design and construction process and works well in the Architect, Owners and Contractor team. His communication skills are second to none and is an amazing resource for vital information for both homeowners and architects. Craig is willing and able to work out all the important issues with the team before the final drawings are developed. I have no reservations in recommending Craig to any of my future clients for most any size of project. Craig has always performed above and beyond the call of duty. As a highly skilled craftsman, and problem solver in his own right, he has always put the quality of his work first."

-James McCalligan AIA, JMA Architecture, Planning/Design